Hadbro Toys


Welcome to Hadbro Toys and Collectibles, where you find everything you had at Hadbro!

Having a deep love for toys, movies, music, and pop culture I set out on making a shop that incorporated all my loves, that’s why Hadbro is more than just a toy store it’s where you find everything you Had bro!

How it all started:

I grew up walking around the Santa Cruz flea market where I honed my appraisal and acquiring skills. This is where I learned about all types of antiques and collectibles and their local and global histories. I learned a lot about people and the deep attachment to nostalgia we all have. And that’s why I decided to start buying all the old stuff that used to be cool and make a place where it could all be found from the 60s to the 2000s be it good, bad, or ugly.

Hadbro specializes in having fun and providing an awesome nostalgic buying experience for you and your friends. We have all types of toys mainly dealing with action figures, dolls, and video games from all years. We love our ’80s toy selection and are always buying collections or single items. We also love to buy comics, cards, movie memorabilia, movies, and music (records and CDs). Make Hadbro your first stop in second-hand collectibles!